Best blogging tips you should follow as beginners in 2017- Vivo Minds

How many people want to earn money from online today? I think everybody want to work from home and many of us promoting their blogs to make money thorough online but few of us making money from online. Everyday new blogs are appearing to make money through online but some of new bloggers don’t know how to start things in blog and blogging. Let’s read some interesting tips for blogging:-

When I started the blog I was dreaming for thousands of dollars from my post but I got 10-15 views on post rather than dollar J . Blogging is not a very difficult task but when you are thinking to make money then it becomes really difficult. If you are thinking to make blog popular you need to concentrate on some things like:-

(1)      Content Material

(2)      SEO

(3)      Promotion

(4)      Social Branding

(5)      Material

But it’s not the end of list there are many more techniques are available to get on top. When you will get things up to date then the chances of success are very high.

Select the Right niche: – If you don’t know what to write then how you will get success so write the content which you likes and has experience. It’s a long term job and you need to go miles for success so you can’t select a strange niche.

Strategy and planning: – I am writing the post today and my next post will come after few weeks then who will remember me? You should have strategy for your blog and make a plan how you will keep in contact with readers because only the audience which will help you make success in blogging. Treat your blog like a serious business.

Take Help from social Media:- In our school days search engine was the only source to get help from Web but today we have many social platform where we can we can share and get information. If you can get blog popular on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and stumbleupon it will help you to get huge traffic on your blog. It’s looking good but it’s also not easy to interact with people there but yes social media is a really good option for success.

King of Blogging: – when we talk about the king of blogging or marketing then the only thing which comes in our mind is content. Content is the king of blogging and every blogger knows about it so concentrate fully on your content as it will work like your product in blogging.

Role of Marketing: – If you ask me what Idea I will choose to make my product, website popular then the answer will be marketing. Marketing is the most important part of blogging if you know how to write content but don’t know how to do marketing then it will be really difficult for you to get success.

Make things Interesting: – You are a good marketer and gathering people on your blog then it’s a good thing but if you haven’t interesting and knowledgeable content on your blog regularly then no one will come back again on your blog so make things interesting for audience or visitor. People will appreciate you and make a regular visit on your blog.

Improve Blog structure and Design: – In blogging everybody will join your blog to read your post and content so you should have well maintained design and structure of your blog. Many people concentrate on their content and marketing but eye catchy design can also help you to attract people.

Link Building: – Backlinks from same niche can improve your strength in search engine so try to get high PR baclinks for your blog. Try to find Dofollow blog for your niche and get some links from there as well.

Reply to comments: – people love it when you reply their comments so try to reply the comments of people.

Some simple and important steps are:-

  1.  Take ideas from your friends/Audience.
  2.  Always contact them expert for help.
  3.  Always love your existing followers.
  4.  Keep your email list busy
  5. Always share your knowledge.

Blogging has really broad subject we have today so I tried to put some basics steps for my friends. There are lots of techniques, ideas available on the internet and writing some more for you people as well. Some of topics like guest blogging I missed here but adding these interesting topics in my next post so please share your experience with me I am waiting for your replies for improvement and help.

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